Who We Are

Innovation Payments is a global payment solutions provider that emerged from years of financial and tech expertise. Our ultimate aim is to lend flexibility and greater simplicity to E-commerce operations large and small.

Addressing the Issues

When trusting a provider with the distribution of funds online, there are a number of things that can cause anxiety. Many business owners have experienced profit losses, reputation damage, and even litigation due to merchant neglect, which can bring about the following: 

  • Fraud Threats
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Outrageous Fees
  • Integration Woes
  • Unclear or Incomplete Data

Each of these things is a considerable problem, especially when a single online purchase is scaled to hundreds or thousands of online transactions. Time and money lost can be just the beginning. At Innovation Payments, we have carefully addressed all these common issues and more, creating a solution that can always be counted on. Our mission is to be the most reliable payment solutions partner out there.

Keeping the Suture in Mind

Online transactions have increased considerably over just a short few years. As the landscape of E-commerce continually evolves, new challenges arise at every turn. Many existing merchant solutions have an infrastructure far too convoluted to accommodate necessary change. Innovation Payments recruits the best technology and practices while leaving unnecessary clunkiness behind, establishing an agile solution perfectly suited for the future. For operations that want long-term transactional stability, Innovation Payments is duly equipped to deliver.  

Our Client-Focused Approach

A merchant’s responsibility is to empower people to manage and grow their businesses, providing them the extra time and freedom to do the things that get them excited in life. This responsibility comes with a duty to be fair, transparent, and genuinely invested in client success. Such things are reflected in the solutions themselves— how easy they are to use, fee costs, how comprehensive and digestible the analytics are, and how helpful the support team is.  

Innovation Payments shares a mutual goal with each client— their success. That goal drives everything we do and has helped us to establish fruitful partnerships with companies across the globe.  

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