in With the Good
Out with the Bad

Merchant solutions are meant to play an invisible role in the process while giving a digestible account of all that’s occurring on the back-end. With lower rates, greater transparency, and improved flexibility, Innovation Payments reduces noise on every transaction.
illustration of POS terminal

Lower Service Fees

We help encourage the growth of your business by offering ultra-competitive processing rates.

Flexible Integration

Our solutions provide secure end to end integrations enabling your commerce platform to provide a seamless branded experience for your customers

Full-Feature Reporting

Transaction monitoring and invoicing should remedy headaches, not create them. Complete reporting suite provides all the information you need to see your transactions and performance.
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No Hassel No Confusion

We make moving money simple. Know what you pay, and what others are paying you without undue costs, implementation setbacks, and unexpected hurdles. Plug, play, and grow with Innovation Payments Solutions.

Strengthen and Grow

Choose a payment processor that has your best interest in mind, safeguarding each transaction with the utmost security. Innovation Payments will work with your team to create the right solution and integrations while providing key insights to help you grow your business. We are here to help you deliver, Built for Software Developers, E-Commerce, and Merchants.